Stop Extortion

Poilievre Announces Common Sense Plan to Lock Up Extortionists that Trudeau Has Turned Loose With His Catch and Release Laws

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of Canada’s Common Sense Conservatives, announced his plan today to reverse Trudeau’s damage and stop extortion:

The Problem:

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, extortion has risen by 218%. Trudeau’s reckless policies have resulted in a 39% rise in violent crime. Towns and suburbs, which used to be safe and peaceful, are now being terrorized by foreign gangs that threaten our neighbours with violence and arson. 

The rate of police-reported extortion increased for the third consecutive year in 2022. The rate of extortion was five times higher in 2022 than a decade prior. Extortion is a particular problem in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, where it has risen 263%, 284%, and 386% respectively since 2015. In the GTA, there has been a 155% increase since 2015, and in Vancouver, it’s up 228%. 

This wasn’t the case before Justin Trudeau made it easier for gangsters and extortionists to get out of jail and re-offend. Mayors in provinces like British Columbia and Ontario have written to the Prime Minister’s top government officials, asking them to reverse the chaos the federal government has caused. Canadians have lost faith in our justice system to actually deliver justice for victims.

The Cause: 

Despite Trudeau’s inaction, extortion is a federal problem. The Criminal Code that allows these criminals to operate freely is federal. The RCMP, which is responsible for catching these organized criminals, is federal. Justin Trudeau passed the federal Bill C-5, which eliminated mandatory jail time for committing extortion with a firearm. On top of this, he brought in catch-and-release bail in Bill C-75, which makes it easier for offenders to get back on our streets.

The Solution:

Canadians don’t have to live like this. That’s why Pierre Poilievre has a common sense plan to reverse Trudeau’s damage and stop extortion:

  1. We will establish a mandatory prison sentence of three years for any criminal convicted of extortion.
  2. We will bring in a mandatory five-year prison sentence for any criminal convicted of extortion who is acting on behalf of gangs and organized crime. Not only does this mean that the criminals who carry out these crimes will go to prison, but it also means that prosecutors and cops will have another tool to go after the ringleaders of these criminal organizations.
  3. We will restore mandatory four-year prison sentences for the offence of extortion with a firearm.
  4. We will make arson an aggravating factor for the charge of extortion.
  5. We will reverse the damage done by Bill C-75 and restore jail, not bail, for repeat offenders.

Poilievre said:

In just eight years, there has been a terrifying increase of extortion across Canada. What happened eight years ago? Justin Trudeau was elected. His reckless approach to extortion has unleashed crime and chaos in our once-peaceful towns and suburbs, making Canada a haven for organized crime and gangs.  

“Common sense Conservatives will fix the damage Trudeau has caused by making sure that the extortionists who scare and intimidate our neighbours stay in jail for longer. We will go after the leaders of these organized crime rings to make sure they get shut down once and for all. Extortion has no place in Canada. Conservatives will bring home safe streets for all Canadians.”

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